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18.09.22 bis 29.08.22

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“Yes to sustainability” is an Erasmus+ project that aims to bring young people from different regions of Europe together to learn foreign languages and cultures, to learn best practises on youth participation and to contribute to a better world.
Youths will come together to experience life in an ecovillage/ eco project and explore what kind of life they are creating for themselves and the world. During these days, there are different activities and time to reflect on how to develop your own life in a sustainable direction.


The activity will take place from 18.September 2022 – 29. September 2022. Arrival day is on Sunday, September the 18th, between 15h and 17h. The event will end on Thursday, September the 29th and you can expect to depart between 12:30h and 13:30h.


Basic English-speaking youths with residence in Germany, France, Slovenia or Italy in between 18 and 30 years who would like to explore living in a sustainable community without digital media.


The youth exchange will take place in “Haus Sonnenwald” in the Community Gemeinschaft Sonnenwald in Schernbach-Seewald, Germany in the region of the Black Forest.

The hosting young non-profit organization Förderverein für regenerativen Wandel e.V. (also known as „Freundeskreis der Akademie für angewandtes gutes Leben e.V.“) in the Black Forest / Germany is establishing a place for transformative, practical and alternative education and a place where we can experiment with sustainable lifestyles to create innovative and creative solutions for the big challenges of our time.


Included meals are mostly vegan, and we will try to provide for special diets if necessary. Please inform us if you have special needs. We cook our own food, and we will organize ourselves in kitchen teams!

Concerning drugs and alcohol we would like to make it clear that there is a no-drugs tolerance during the youth exchange – included alcohol. There will be smoking corners – it is allowed to smoke only there.


The accommodation will be simple, but pleasant, in shared rooms in the big guest house “Haus Sonnenwald”.

If you wish your privacy, you can bring your own tent!

Blankets and pillows are provided. Please bring your own sheet, duvet cover and big (German) pillowcase. If you prefer your sleeping bag, please also take a sheet for the mattress with you. You can also rent sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases for 5€ and towels for 3€.


We ask you to apply for the European Health Insurance Card. In some countries it is included in your normal Health Insurance Card – have a look on the back of your card and check it with your Youth Leader. You are obliged to bring a European Health Insurance!

What to bring

  • Raincoat and warm clothes
  • Workwear (for outside)
  • Comfortable shoes for working, walking and being outside
  • House slippers/ warm socks
  • Water bottle
  • bread box/ Tupperware
  • If you need a hair dryer, you need to bring one
  • Sheet, duvet cover, pillowcase or sleeping bag and sheet, towel
  • Your special needs, like medication, special snack wishes etc. (There is no shop nearby!)
  • European Health Insurance Card
  • Printed version of all your travel tickets
  • Diary
  • Analogue camera, analogue alarm clock/ watch, cassettes if you have
  • Musical instruments, song texts and games if you want
  • Flashlights
  • herbal books, plant medicine, edible plants etc. if you have any or at least the titles to recommend them
  • Cooking recipes
  • Your best smile and best cuddle move =)

Programme and activities


Through different activities we have time to explore and share our dreams, challenges, and opportunities as a generation, participate at workshops and intercultural activities. Immerse into sustainable living through actions we assist in different community works e.g. cooking and preserving food, building and repairing projects, planting trees and turning hay, cultivating vegetables.

Digital Detox

The whole program is without digital media to gain awareness about your digital behaviour and to find out what makes you happy besides mobile phone, computer etc. accompanied by workshops.

Nature connection

Besides living surrounded by nature during these days, there are also some workshops focused on herbal knowledge and nature rituals.


The project has been financed by the Erasmus+ programme. Accommodation and food are included. We will reimburse up to 100% of your travel costs up to the limit set out below (11. Travel), as long as the reimbursement process is followed. We will reimburse you by bank transfer after we have all your original tickets, including return travel tickets and your completed form. The participation fee for this project is on a sliding scale from 80 € – 150 € that needs to be paid in advance. It is on a sliding scale to take into account both your own personal situation and also the different economic situations across the partner countries. Please take these factors into consideration when deciding your participation fee. At the end of the training you will decide how much to add accordingly to the value perceived. Preferably we ask you to bring the money in cash with you to complete the payment at the end of the training.

Bank account data:

Name: Freundeskreis der Akademie für angewandtes gutes Leben e.V.
IBAN: DE11430609671220671900
Subject: Youth Exchange

If you are not able to come, you will only get back the money when you find a substitute person. If the exchange needs to be cancelled, you will definitely get this money back!


The National Agency expects you to travel from your home country. Coming here can be combined with another, work related trip if one way is to/from your home country. You have 3 travel days to arrive and 3 travel days to go back home by car (not alone), train or bus! We don’t accept ferries or flights!

With public transport:

Next big cities: Stuttgart or Karlsruhe. From Stuttgart or Karlsruhe, you can take the train to the train station: Freudenstadt Hbf. From there there is the Bus F3 running on these two times on the 18th of September:

HBF Freudenstadt 14:03 → Stadtbahnhof/ZOB, Freudenstadt 14:10 → Schernbach Ort, Seewald 14:42
HBF Freudenstadt 16:03 → Stadtbahnhof/ZOB, Freudenstadt 16:10 → Schernbach Ort, Seewald 16:42

On the 29th of September there are these buses 7787:

Schernbach Ort, Seewald 12:36 → Stadtbahnhof/ZOB, Freudenstadt 13:00
Schernbach Ort, Seewald 13:25 → Stadtbahnhof/ZOB, Freudenstadt 13:59

Don`t hesitate to ask the German group for train booking. There are ways to make it cheaper! First class tickets as well as taxi costs cannot be reimbursed.

By car:

The exact address is: Haldenweg 15 in 72297 Seewald – Schernbach (Germany)


For the reimbursement of travel costs, we need the original train or bus tickets or original fuel bills. The travel costs are covered by the EU up to the following maximum amount that depends on the distance you travel from:

  • 210€ (100-490km)
  • 320€ (500-1999km)
  • 410€ (2000-2999km)

*** Unfortunately, due to the Covid Situation, we cannot guarantee that you will be reimbursed the travel costs incurred if the exchange is cancelled at short notice. Best is to carpool with the other participants from your country!
We hope for your understanding in these special times!

Apply now!

If you haven’t already done, you can apply for the project by completing the following form.
We will let you know as soon as possible if we have a place for you.

Contact details

Corinna for Germany:

Nina for France:

Federico for Italy:

Jana for Slovenia: