FÖJ im Ökodorf

Werde Langzeithelfer*in

Deine Mithilfe in Küche, Bau, Garten oder Landwirtschaft

Du hast Lust uns für längere Zeit in den Bereichen Küche, Bau, Garten oder Landwirtschaft zu unterstützen? Als Langzeithelfer*in gibt es die Möglichkeit für mindestens 4 Wochen bis höchstens 6 Monate am Platz sein. Du erhältst Kost und Logis, viele Begegnungen und neue Kulturkommunikation von uns und wir für 30 Stunden die Woche deine Arbeitskraft.


Seminar- & Gemeinschaftsküche

Brennt dein Herz dafür mit uns kreative Speisen für die Gemeinschaft zu zaubern? Dann melde dich in der Küche bei Ina unter:

Bau & Instandhaltung

Packst du gerne kräftig mit an, kannst dich für Handwerk begeistern und hast Lust unsere Räumlichkeiten mitzugestalten? Dann ist Tim für den Breich Bau dein Mann:


Du kannst gut mit Tieren (wir haben Kühe, Hühner, 2 Pferde und seit Neustem 3 Schweinchen) und dich begeistert Regenerative Landwirtschaft? Dann schreib mal Lisi im Bereich Landwirtschaft (LaWi):

Du bist dir nicht sicher welcher Bereich zu dir passt, hast Rückfragen zu unseren Rahmenbedingungen, unserem Umgang mit Covid-19 oder andere allgemeine Anliegen?

Dann schreib gern mal Ruho:  

In diesen Bereichen freuen wir uns über deine Unterstützung

Tending our garden both outside and in the greenhouses will be your daily task. The garden team grows about 50 different types of vegetables, fruit and herbs for the community. As you start in spring, you will experience a full growing season, starting seedling under the grow lights, preparing the soil, planting out, weeding and harvesting. You will learn to use a variety of tools and growing techniques. In the market garden with its smaller scale, most of the work is done with traditional hand tools. No big machines are used there. If you like spending your time outdoors, getting your hands dirty and having a full body workout, this placement would be for you.

We are continuously working to reduce the ecological footprint of our buildings and infrastructure, as well as to maintaining what exists here. Therefore we repurpose rooms and remodel instead of building new. We look for creative solutions to problems instead of simply replacing old equipment. We use alternative, green building materials rather than conventional that damage the environment. And you will be part of the energy efficiency restructuring process that we started in 2021 by installing solar panels. As a member of the maintenance crew you will get to know our buildings from the inside out. Since the oldest house dates back to the 1890s and the newest to the 1980s, you will encounter a variety of sometimes surprising tasks. If using tools and adapting technologies is your thing, this placement would be for you. 

As a member of this team you will experience the cycle of seasons. As the days grow longer, the cows will leave the barn, where they have spent winter and given birth to their calves, for the nearby pastures. Your tasks will change over the year from clearing the cow stalls and feeding them their hay to setting the fences and leading them to different pastures, selected according the principles of holistic management. You might also be involved in processing the cow’s milk or making cheese. Another everyday task is to feed the pigs and chickens. When the harvest season begins you will be part of a large group of volunteers and community members, who support the farm crew in tasks such as loading the wagons, sorting potatoes, repair and maintenance of tools. If you enjoy caring for animals and want to learn how to drive a tractor, this placement would be for you.

The kitchen is the heart of the community. If you work there you will prepare delicíous vegetables grown in our organic gardens that nourish our bodies and souls. The number of people gathering here typically amounts to 40 to 80, sometimes more for big seminars or festivals. This means a lot of scrubbing and chopping as well as cleaning up afterwards. And of course preparing salads and spreads, making deserts, baking bread and cakes and fermenting or canning foods. Depending on your experience you can take on more responsibility in the professional kitchen and pass on your knowledge to other volunteers. Since we organize these tasks in a collective way you will get to know different community members every day of the week. If you enjoy preparing food to the sound of cool beats and working in a team, this would be the placement for you.



Wir erfahren ein wachsendes Interesse an unserer Gemeinschaft und der Möglichkeit, den Ort als Langzeithelfer*in über mehrere Wochen oder Monate kennenzulernen. Oft sind die Stellen schon Monate im Voraus vergeben. Manchmal springt jedoch auch spontan noch wer ab.

Darum: schreib uns gern eine Mail, wenn du kurzentschlossen mindestens 4 Wochen Zeit und Lust auf dein Engagement bei uns hast: